Every student receives a scholarship.

City Academy was founded upon the belief that every child should have access to quality education. All scholars receive tuition support through generous donations by both individual donors and foundations. City Academy is the ONLY private, independent school in the region to offer scholarship support to 100% of scholars. Tuition is based on the family’s income and varies by family. In 2022, City Academy awarded $4.65 million in scholarships.

While most private independent schools depend upon tuition to fund nearly 80% of their annual operating budget, City Academy turns the traditional private school funding model upside down. All families pay tuition; however, tuition income generates only 20% of the school’s annual budget. As a result, City Academy must fund up to 80% of its annual operating costs, over $2.5 million annually, through community support from individuals, corporations, foundations and investment income from endowment.

We use a specialist model approach to teaching, with a student-to-teacher ratio of 7:1.

This model reflects an international approach to teaching, allowing our teachers to focus on instructing the one subject about which they are most knowledgeable. This means that our students receive instruction in every subject from teachers who are experts in their content area. View our curriculum by subject area to learn more.

We prepare students for rigorous secondary school academic programs.

Over the last five years, 87% of our graduates have been accepted into private, independent secondary schools in St. Louis including. We work with 6th graders and families to prepare them for the secondary school admissions process through mock interviews, school visits, and test preparation.


We aim to provide families in underperforming school districts with an opportunity for exceptional education.

74% of our families live in under resourced or unaccredited school districts.

46% of our families live in St. Louis City
54% of our families live in St. Louis County and surrounding counties in MO and IL

See a FULL LIST of Zip Codes.

The extras aren’t extra.

Tuition at City Academy includes breakfast, lunch, and snack. It also includes our Early and Extended Day program which allows parents/guardians to drop off their student as early as 7:00 a.m. and pick them up as late 6:00 p.m.

We put an emphasis on STEAM

In the fields of science, art and math, City Academy has advanced the integration of these fields – along with technology and engineering – to build cross-curricular connections that foster critical, creative thinking. This effort has become known as the STEAM Initiative, an innovative and collaborative approach that extends STEM education to incorporate art, recognizing that many of the skills and principles taught in art are applicable to and enhance what is accomplished in STEM classrooms. The result is a unique STEAM Initiative. Science, math and art are all taught as formal subjects throughout all grade levels, but are connected through shared principles of critical, creative thinking.

All Students Learn Spanish and 1st – 6th Graders take Violin Lessons.

City Academy’s Violin Program is based on the principle that every child can learn to play the violin if given the right environment, quality instruction and an instrument that is appropriate for their physical stature.

In all grades, students actively participate in Spanish instruction through games, songs, projects, and the use of technology. The Spanish program exposes students to other cultures and develops their Spanish speaking, reading and writing abilities.

We support our alumni after they graduate.

City Academy’s alumni support team stays engaged with our graduates and help them on the path toward college. The STRIVE for College program partners Washington University in St. Louis undergraduate students with City Academy alumni. Students meet two Saturdays per month for three hours. One-to-one pairings allow for intensive and personalized academic support.