faculty bugnitz julie“A student who brings into the art room a positive attitude, along with a willingness to explore, experiment, and discover, will be amazed with the artwork he or she is capable of creating. I believe that beautiful and meaningful art is in the heart of every child.”

Julie Bugnitz
Art Teacher, Third-Sixth Grades


Inside the Classroom

In the art room at City Academy, students explore and experiment with a variety of art materials and create their own unique solutions to artistic problems presented. Whether using watercolors, clay, inks, paints, paper or crayons, students at each grade level are challenged each day to give their very best as they express themselves through their art work. In the process, skills such as critical thinking, envisioning, imagination and problem solving are developed and honed. In addition, students begin to understand and appreciate the interconnectedness of art with history, culture, literature, music, nature and STEM subjects, through discussion and projects.


During the second quarter of the school year, fifth and sixth grade students worked with clay, constructing boxes and cylinder shaped vases and cups.  Mathematic concepts of measuring, angles, and geometry were reinforced with these projects.   When the pieces are thoroughly dried, they will be bisque fired in the kiln, and then glazed and fired again.

Following weeks of work, the fourth grade students completed a printmaking project which involved printing symmetrical designs on pieced tissue paper backgrounds.  Measuring with rulers to create a 9 inch grid on which to print was an objective of this project, along with color theory, design and printmaking techniques.


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