faculty fennoy shalawnWelcome to Sixth Grade! Our journey awaits! This academic theme will drive our school year and how our Sixth Graders will emerge as leaders. I’m excited to be a part of this journey with your child and anticipate a productive and insightful year. This year will offer an unbelievable opportunity for growth! Sixth graders will be given the opportunity to take on positive student leadership roles and experiences that will empower our scholars to transition into a community where they are dependable, confident problem solvers.”

Shalawn Fennoy
Sixth Grade Language Arts Teacher


Inside the Classroom


In literature we are wrapping up our second book study The House on Mango Street. A culminating activity following completion of the novel will be a map project based on the neighborhood represented throughout the novel. Students will work in groups of 3 or 4 for 3-4 days with each member performing a designated role. Students will chose 10 houses presented in the novel and depicted them on a map of the neighborhood. The project is intended for students to make inferences based upon details, in addition, demonstrating comprehension of the text. The final project is worth 100 points. Please view project document in the reading section of google classroom.

Starting the first week in December we will begin our third novel of the school year; “Of Mice and Men” a great classical novel about 2 displaced immigrants following World War I who dreams of living the “American Dream” after the Great Depression. Throughout the novel, students will understand how isolation, dreams and circumstances robes most of the characters of their wishes and dream of freedom to follow their own desires. Students are required to read and take notes either using their toolbox or anecdotal notes to better comprehend the chapters and plot development.


In writing, we will work on “crafting claims” in which students will mull over their ideas about characters. They will complete a published essay about a character based on author’s intentions, character’s motifs and development. After analyzing characters, students will then choose one they can craft into a claim that feels worth thinking and writing about in order to drive their character essay.

Social Studies:

In social studies we will continue to study World War I. Through lectures, videos and primary sources students will examine the many underlying causes for this “war to end all wars”, the political and economic changes the U.S. faced during World War I and the overall outcome of the war.


Weekly Homework:


  • Part I due on Wednesdays
  • Part II due on Fridays
  • Vocabulary Tests every Monday

Readworks: Nonfiction Articles

  • Assigned weekly online due each Friday


  • Notes completed per chapter using Toolbox
  • Anticipated Quizzes or Test weekly
  • Culminating Group Project (Creating Mango Street): Due December 6th
  • Independent Reading 20 minutes per night and reading logs due at the end of every month

Helpful Links

IndependentSchools.org – Great tool to become familiar with Secondary Schools

SSATPrep.com – Tool to prepare for SSAT Prep

SSAT Flashcards

SSAT Middle Level Verbal Diagnostic





November 20 – 1:00pm Early Dismissal *All children must be picked up by 1:00pm
November 21 – 23 – Thanksgiving Break
December 7 – NO SCHOOL, Faculty Professional Development Day

December8-SSAT Middle School Testing Day 8:00 a.m.
December 21 – 1:00pm Early Dismissal *All children must be picked up by 1:00pm
December 24 – January 7 – Winter Break
January 21 – NO SCHOOL, MLK Jr. Day                                                                                    January 24– All School Talent Show

February 18 – NO SCHOOL, Presidents’ Day
March 18 – 29 – Spring Break
April 19 – NO SCHOOL, Faculty Professional Development Day
May 31 – Last Day of School

2:00pm Early Release Day Calendar

In order to better serve and educate your child/ren, we are implementing two early release days a month. This allows time for more faculty meetings and collaboration meetings among departments.

*It is optional to pick up your child/ren at 2:00pm. Extended Day will still be in session on these days from 2:00-6:00pm.

Friday, November 30
Wednesday, December 12
Wednesday, January 9
Friday, January 25
Wednesday, February 13
Friday, March 1
Wednesday, April 10
Friday, April 26
Wednesday, May 8

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