Bienvenidos a la clase de Español!!!

I am pretty excited to be the new Spanish teacher for the upper levels!

My name is Elizabeth Rivera, but I would like to be called Profe Eli. In Spanish speaking countries, we usually called our teachers “profesores” or “profe”(short way). I want that my students learn about Hispanic culture, my country, and my language but more importantly, about who I am and the long road I have traveled to teach in a country of open doors and cultural diversity.


Elizabeth Rivera
Spanish Teacher, 3rd-6th Grades

Inside the Classroom

What are the Four Basic Languages Skills to learn Spanish?

These are the cornerstones of learning a language.

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking

The skills work in pairs. When you’re reading or listening, you’re consuming a language.

However, when you’re writing or speaking, you’re producing a language.

Once you’ve mastered these skills, you can safely say that you’re fluent in that language.

In Spanish class, we are going to learn to master these language skills through songs, books, conversations, and much more.

Second Quarter 

Third Grade: We are learning “NUMEROS DEL 1-100” I will recommend this link, so you can practice at home.

Fourth Grade: We are learning “El Alfabeto” I will recommend this fun song to practice las “Vocales” y “consonantes” en Español.

El alfabeto ( Alphabet)

Fifth Grade: We are learning ” EL calendario” y “El clima” Below is the link to my google classroom. This is the code to find my class ” zpjqpvl” . Fifth graders can practice at home

Sixth Grade:  We are learning about “Cognados”. Below is a link with a list of “cognados” y “falsos cognados”

Have a question about the classroom? Ask Profe Eli!

Have a question about the classroom? Ask Ms. Rivera!

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