Your gift to City Academy transforms children, families, and the community through exceptional education and bold expectations that help children overcome barriers to high quality education.

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Your gift can provide support such as:

$10,000= Full Year Scholarship
$5,000 = Semester Scholarship
$2,500 = Half Semester Scholarship
$1,000 = Robotics Materials
$750 = Summer Program Scholarship
$500 = College Test Prep for Alumni
$250 = 1 Class Field Trip
$100 = 5 Chapter Books
$50 = 10 Early Childhood Books
$25 = 1 Year of Art supplies

All families pay tuition, but tuition is based on income and the remaining balance is covered by donations to City Academy’s scholarship program.

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Donate to the City Academy scholarship program or fund a special need

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Volunteer at City Academy weekly, monthly or attend one of our special events

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Connect with us on social media and share your City Academy experience

City Academy is a non-profit as defined under section 501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue code. Donors can take a charitable deduction for gifts and bequests made to City Academy.

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