Katie and Chris Payne

Parents of Noah ’23, Lola ’25, and Isaiah ’28

“These are the kids of the future, City Academy is molding our kids. These students are going to do something that will impact the community, impact the world, impact the culture of the city.”

Khadijah Fortenberry ’06

Whitfield School ’12, University of Mississippi ’16

“As a first-generation college graduate, I am passionate about providing education to minorities and under-resourced communities. City Academy allows me to engage that passion.”

Ronald Smith ’10

John Burroughs ’16, Columbia University ’20

“I’m studying chemical engineering at Columbia University. I hope to advance renewable energy by providing electricity to underdeveloped nations.”

Quinten Ford ’18

“My favorite class is science. I loved learning about robotics and being part of the Robotics Team at City Academy.”

Jordyn Woods ’25

“I dream of learning my ABC’s so I can read!”

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