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Sydney Williams ’16 – Annual Luncheon Speech

I would just like to start off by saying I am honored to be the 2022 Brightman Award recipient. City Academy was my home for eight years, and even after I left it continued to support me and welcome me into its community. There has never been a moment where I could not contact a…

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Sydney Williams – 2022 Brightman Award Recipient

Sydney Williams is a gentle leader with a fierce determination for success. As a student at City Academy, Sydney’s determination to succeed was apparent. After graduating in 2016, she went on to attend John Burroughs School (JBS) and continued to thrive. Her hard work and service to others have made her an excellent choice for…

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What Leadership Means to Me

City Academy strives to develop leadership skills in all of our scholars, including counting on our Upper School students to become leaders in our own community. Our current 6th grade scholars have truly grown to understand that responsibility and exemplify leadership each day. In ELA class, they were asked to respond to the question “What…

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