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2021 Sixth Grade Graduation Presentations | Whitney Gross

Good morning City Academy, Faculty, Staff, Family and Friends. As most of you may know I am Whitney Gross and I would first like to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who made today possible. At the beginning of the year, we were all filled with uncertainty of whether or not this day would…

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2021 Sixth Grade Graduation Presentations | Promyss Wolfe

Good Morning Everyone! My name is Promyss Wolfe. Frustration. Anger. Fear. Disappointment. Graduates of 2021, parents, family, and faculty we have all felt this way at some point in our life. Especially this year given we have been engulfed in a global pandemic. But for me, these mixed emotions have been my life story. That’s…

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2021 Sixth Grade Graduation Presentations | Hallie Wilkins

Hello my name is Hallie Wilkins. I am excited for the beginning of something new, yet proud of the accomplishments I’ve made during my time at City Academy. Change. I’m sure we all can attest that at some point, we have all felt that change is sometimes unnecessary. I have not always been a fan…

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