Good day everyone, my name is Chontell Johson and today I will share the “Greatest Part of Me”. All of my life I have gone through change. Both in my personal home life and in my education. The “Greatest Part of Me”, however, has been my ability to adapt to change. Change can be good and it makes you better. For instance, when I was much younger, I used to be a quiet soul, but internally, I was a ball of personality. I was kind, had plenty of sass, and even had a ton of humor. Afraid of sharing the “greatest part of me” with others, I dared to let others know the real “Chontell.” Besides my twin sister, I did not have many friends or confidence for that matter. But soon learned how to develop genuine friendships and even got a closer bond with my twin sister, Chantell, and my best friend, Joy.

Learning to adapt to change can be difficult but so rewarding. One of my greatest rewards was developing a love for reading. It took just one good book series, “The Land of Stories,” to spark my interest. Another reward came when I learned that we would have Mr. Speed for another year of learning. At first, I thought that meant more yelling and fussing, but in actuality, it meant more learning and laughing. Lastly, having to adapt to learning virtually made for some long work days, but what I learned from this new way of learning, was “anything is possible”; because everything makes you stronger.

There have been many changes thrown at me over the years, but a special quote that I hold dear to me by Monkey D. Luffy is “When life changes to be harder, change yourself to be stronger.” I am stronger and better now because I was able to adapt to change. I would like to acknowledge those who have helped me adapt to the “Greatest Part of Me”. Thank you to my family, Joy, my best friend since the beginning, Ms. Julie, my tutor and the straw hats. l will take the greatest part of me to my next school Lutheran North next year. Thank you!

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